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Difference between a Doula and a Midwife

Midwives looks after the medical side of birth and is the one who assists the

mother with the birth of her baby.  She is medically trained and a licensed                                                                                         professional. The midwife is responsible for the safety of mother and baby.

As your primary care provider a midwife looks after the health of the pregnant

women and do similar check ups as a doctor but on a more personal level.

During labour she will examine you, do internals, check your blood pressure 

and temperature, monitor your contractions and fetal heart tones.  At birth

she will be the one that assists the mother with birthing her baby, examines

the newborn and manages the birth of the placenta.  If you need stiching,

she will also be the one that attends to this.  

Her care is typically focused on the health and safety of the pregnant woman

and her baby.

Doula's are not medically trained, although they do know and understand the

process of labour and birth.  The Doula's role is a much more intimate role. This is someone you invite into your home and get to know on a very personal level. They provide emotional, verbal and physical support for the labouring women and family. Some also help with breastfeeding and care of the mom and newborn baby after the birth.

She works for the mother and her partner and not for the hospital, doctor or midwife.

Her focus is primary on the mental and emotional well-being of the mother and support of the new family.

Midwives and Doulas make a wonderful team!
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