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       Introducing Solids with Bumbles Cookery Club



The Bumbles™ Cookery Club


The Bumbles™ Cookery Club offers detailed workshops for each vital stage of the weaning process, as well a support and social group for moms to enjoy.


Our goal is to guide and assist moms, and dads, through the different weaning stages and to understand and learn the importance of each stage, when to introduce each food group and how to create delicious, nutritionally balanced meals not only for your little one but for the whole family

Workshop dates
Cost: R275 per workshop


Workshops with Tertia (JHB North & West)


Venue: Genesis Clinic, Saxonwold, Jhb


Cost R275















We also talk about baby sign language at our weaning workshop.

Introduction lesson to Baby Sign language

WeCanTalk kits for sale R350 each

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