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Tens Machine Rental


TENS is fast becoming the preferred natural choice for pain relief during childbirth.

Our maternity TENS will assist you to have a natural birth by providing effective and long lasting drug free pain relief. Using TENS in childbirth will help you stay calm and comfortable which reduces the possibility of medical intervention and further complications.

More about our TENS Machines:

  • Easy to use

  • Small and portable

  • Completely safe

  • It is a digital unit so there are no knobs to turn, simply buttons to press

Pre-set programmes:  There are three pre-set

programmes – one for each of the three stages of labour

Integral Booster Button:   The unit has the Boost Button built in.

It is designed to be comfortably hand held, allowing you and your partner to feel more in control.

Ramp Control:   In the final stage, holding down the Boost button will gradually “ramp” the intensity beyond the usual maximum. At the end of a contraction, releasing the button rapidly returns the intensity to the previous set level.

Cost: R550 including pads for 21 days (choose dates around your due date).

Rental available in Johannesburg area and courier to other areas.

Please indicate via this inquiry box in which area you stay in and we will forward you the info.

TENS rental

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